Clinical Psychology

My main job is as a psychotherapist with more than forty years of experience in dealing with individual and interpersonal psychopathology. I suppose I would call my orientation Behavioral/Cognitive, but over the years, I have trained and practiced many techniques for psychological healing. There is no one approach that works for everyone, so I try to tailor my approach to the needs of my clients. I’m good at explaining. As a therapist, I believe that the more you understand about how your mind works, the more control you have over it.

I am a panel member of most major insurance plans. My clinical office is at 200 East 22nd Street, Vancouver, Washington.

For an appointment, call (360) 693 8439

Speaking and Workshops

Give me a podium and stand back.

In my talks, I try to present a sensitive and humorous view of serious issues that everyone must face. I try to give useful, step-by-step advice and to leave my audiences laughing -- and thinking.

Listen to one of my talks, and your work or home life may never be the same. I have many programs, ranging from keynotes to full-day workshops on topics related to my books and articles. I will also develop a program to meet your needs. My speaking rates start at $3500 and travel expenses.

Contact me for rates for talks in the Portland-Vancouver area.

Organizational Consultation

  • General Consultation - This begins with organizational evaluation through discussion with you and the key people in your company. In a written report, I will outline organizational strengths and weaknesses and suggest interventions that will make your company stronger and more competitive. Special programs are available for family businesses. Call or E-mail to discuss your needs.
  • Conflict Resolution - Conflict costs money. Conflicts also tend to grow if nothing is done about them. I have been discretely and effectively resolving conflicts between individuals and groups in business for the past twenty-five years. If there is a problem in your business, call or E-mail to discuss it with me.
  • Retreats - I lead retreats for problem solving, brainstorming, planning and team building. Call or E-mail for further information.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a personal service for managers who want advice off the record from someone who really understands.

When you're in charge, you can no longer be a regular person. Not only must you bear the weight of responsibility for your company, but you must do it gracefully, confidently, and in perpetual good humor.

Everybody expects the boss to have all the answers. If you don't know what to do, you're seen as not doing your job. Everything you say is blown out of proportion, treated as the company's official position rather than your own private opinion. If you express normal human emotions, they'll be in everybody's e-mail by tomorrow morning. If you share your doubts it might create a run on your stock. If you should happen to lose your temper, don't be surprised if somebody's lawyer shows up at your door. When you finally get home after a hard day of being all things to all people, you're expected to put the work aside and become a happy, enthusiastic family member.

I'm a licensed psychologist with years of experience in dealing with the problems of people who run businesses. Everything you say is confidential. Coaching fees are assessed at $175. 00 hourly